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About Us

WealthCentric Insurance and Financial Services Group is an organization that manages assets and builds wealths by offering a wide array of products and services that allows the consumer to have access to options that best fit their needs. 

WealthCentric makes available licensed and skilled professionals that work with clients to find the path that manages gains and mitigates losses while utilizing products that provide tax efficiency, not only in the present but also in the future when goals are reached. Available planning includes education, retirement, mortgage financing, estate planning, tax strategies and preparation.

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Theresa Nguyen-Muth


Theresa Nguyen-Muth started her career in the insurance and financial services industry since 1992, working with one of the largest insurance carriers in the United States. Known as one of the top producers she migrated as a child to the U.S. after the fall of Vietnam. Theresa watched her parents struggle to re-establish their lives and learned that with the right education and strategies, wealth can be built even with a humble beginning.


Through this experience, Theresa found her passion in a career that helps others who want to find financial freedom.  She believes that by educating the younger generation earlier in their life, it will afford them the ability to have choices in their work/life balance.  She is a sought after speaker, working across different industries to educate and mentor people in all facets of wealth building and asset protection. She is an activist in working with disadvantaged women to help them find new starts and prepare for a better future. Her other love is to work with orphanages and young children to bring literacy and opportunities for their future.

Theresa Nguyen-Muth

Meet Our Team

Knowledge and experience is the foundation of WealthCentric success and it starts with a six month training program for all new associates regardless of their background and education. Though our team members are well-rounded and trained in all facets of asset protection and financial services, it is the focus on their strengths that make them successful. Our team understands the organization’s vision and is committed to putting our client’s needs first while keeping them focused on strategies that lead to their financial goals.