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Get Up To $26,000 Per W2 Employee Through The ERC Tax Credit

Insurance & Financial Services

Manage Assets & Build Wealth

Insurance Broker

We offer insurance policies through multiple carriers for auto, home, life, commercial and many other products.

Investment Management

We help our clients build wealth through investment strategies, retirement plans, estate planning and many other opportunities.

Tax Preparation Service

We have experienced accountants and tax planning attorneys ready to create tax strategies and keep your wealth in your own pocket.

Business Meeting


Investment Strategies

Strategize your investment according to liquidity, opportunity, and risk tolerance levels.

With over 30 years of financial and wealth-building experience, we pride ourselves on helping each individual overcome the barriers that hold back their financial potential. Cutting edge knowledge is what we utilize to bring opportunities to our clients.  Being focused on client's long-term visions, lifestyle goals and legacy building is the reason why we are successful in leading our clients to a future of financial freedom.

Investment Strategies

Strategize your investment according to liquidity, opportunity, and risk tolerance levels.


Personal Retirement

Invest your savings with the right strategy and enjoy tax-free or tax-deferred benefits years later.

Individual Brokerage Accounts

Save with the right products to take advantage of tax efficiency.


Business Retirement Accounts

Small business retirement solutions for tax efficiency and employee retention

 529 PLAN 

Qualified Education Plans

Savings for your child, family members, or your own future education goals while taking advantage of the tax benefits offered.


Life Insurance

Protect your family and their future with tax-free death benefits while creating earning potential with tax-deferred living benefits

Term Life

A policy to take care of short-term life insurance needs such as coverage for education, loans, and business partnerships.

Whole Life

A policy designed to take care of long-term or permanent needs such as a dependent family member or legacy building.

Universal Life

A permanent policy with flexible payment plans and cash value withdrawals.

Variable Life

A long term policy with the flexibility of market participation to take advantage of a higher return.


Finance & Legacy

Estate Planning

Protect your privacy, secure your legacy, and allow your wealth to have a lasting impact through trust and will creation.

Tax Preparation

Customize tax strategies for individuals and businesses to utilize all available resources for tax efficiency.

Mortgage Loans

New purchase or refinance your current mortgage. Let us work out a strategy that minimizes your cost, fits your budget and creates opportunities for your cash flow.



Investment Portfolio

Whether preparing for retirement, saving for education or making big purchases, we’re here to help you develop the best strategies.



Our Vision & Values

Our vision is to make available highly skilled, experienced and client centric professionals to all individuals who want to be educated and mentored in creating their own financial freedom, by their own definition.




Our standard and commitment is to provide knowledge and empowerment for individuals to overcome obstacles by finding the right products to create wealth while being tax efficient and forward thinking.


What Makes Us Trusted

Our licensed and reliable team members are committed to

Your Needs

We offer various products and services to suit your needs and financial goals.

Unmatched Support

Reliable service and availability. Our success is measured by your satisfaction.

Your Business Partner

We want to become an active part of growing your business.


Your feedback is valuable to us and every comment is instrumental in the growth of our business.


Connect with your
Financial Professional

 Our company's core values are built on education, knowledge and client empowerment. The job of our financial advisors is to put wealth in our client's hands and give them control of how their money is invested and utilized to meet their financial goals and life balance.

About us
(858) 450-6000

6650 Flanders Dr #F

San Diego, CA 92121

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